78 rpm record dating guide, find a copy in the library

  • Anyone know who is interestd.
  • In response to the vibrations of air in the horn, the stylus cuts a spiral groove in the thick wax coating of a cylinder or disc, rotated steadily by means of a crank.
  • He mentioned that the town he lived had great bands, jazz musician like Louis Armstrong every weekend during the summer.

Data from such sources will be incorporated into future works by others, and the danger of propagating misinformation is considerable. My dad has more boxes of these types of records. They are made by the American Graphophone Co.

The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide ( edition)

Vintage 78 Records
The American 45 and 78 RPM record dating guide

Collectors Weekly

Please share with me if this is the proper course of action Sir. This website is great and I appreciate the effort made to make it available. He has them all in sleeves and they are stored in oak crates he built especially for them.

What date is the sticker that usually appeared on the blank back of the record say? Discography of American historical recordings. Those client labels, however, usually provide a matrix number - which, again, for pre Columbia recordings, was the same as the original Columbia catalog number. The Guide almost exactly matched those reliable sources, indicating that the author had welcome access to this information. Her husband also keep a scrapbook all about Caruso.

The other side is Turtledove Polka, done by Mose Tapiero with orchestra. But any other vocalists will do. Feel free to contact me at craigventresco gmail. Compilers of technical reference books bear a special responsibility to get it right. The collecting obsession can easily get out of hand and the more important things in life, like health and family, can sometimes become secondary.

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As it is, he at least gives us a prominent, detailed index which indicates where to look for all the pieces. Madame Butterfly, casual dating testbericht in addition to other famous operas. If anyone is interested in them please email me.

See the Beka and Era labels. Earlier they were just called records, or when there was a need to distinguish them from cylinders, disc records. Does anyone know about these. Any help will be appreciated. The pre single sided Columbias did not have matrix numbers - the catalog number was the matrix number.

Dictionary catalog of the G. How do you overcome these challenges? One is a Columbia record, it says Columbia Graphophone Co.

The history of 78 RPM recordings

Record Collector Ted Staunton On His Favorite 78s

The American 45 and 78 rpm record dating guide 1940-1959

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In later years however, Scott and his music were somewhat neglected until the ragtime revival of the s. This section is limited to record labels beginning with the A-D. Best Regards, Larry Daken. Does anyone have an educated opinion of its worth?

The difference is not always minor, as labels sometimes gathered together past releases into supplements which were then dated with deceptive precision. What are your favorite items in your collection, and how do they inspire you? Most are recorded on both sides, but two of them are recorded on only one side. Weil, hesperia dating site or anybody out there.

Huenemann, Robert Gilchrist. Print sources Nelson, Susan. Recognizing that I already have an addictive personality, I try to keep things in perspective. Hi Dismuke, Thank you very much for your explanation.

American 45 and 78 rpm record dating guide

This is a Columbia production. Good junk stores seem to be on the decline in urban areas because of the rise in property values, so you have to look more toward suburban areas and small towns. There names have been listed in Spotswood Book. The online discographical project settlet. The original A udiophile discography.

Anyone with information, please contact me at jlylesegal aol. It includes all principal catalog series with release dates and matrix series with recording dates for hundreds of labels issued in the three countries mentioned. Of course most labels did not issue or record in strict numerical sequence, as the author explains, so the dates are only approximate.

It says Victor talking machine. Some records seems to be thicker than others. Are these familiar to you and if so would you point me in a direction where I might find more facts about this niche. Single and double sided as well as opera sets. Any info on these is greatly appreciated!

All of them are in selves that are crumbling. Would appreciate hearing fron you before I move on with donating or whatever. Yes, that's hokey, body language of love and but it was probably pretty entertaining. The label artist serial number and song on both sides.

  1. Then success has really become failure.
  2. There are other notes but they may not be important for passing on.
  3. There are few odd names like Emerson, Cameo, Aeolian Company.
  4. She would love to just give them away to anyone that would love them like her husband loved them.
  5. Complete recordings of John McCormack.
  6. They are from the Metropolitan opera, sung in Italian.

The history of 78 RPM recordings

Moreover, the author has made every effort to make this fairly technical subject understandable to the beginner. If all you are interested in is just a copy in the best possible condition to listen to, it usually doesn't matter one way or another. James Scott was part of the triumvirate of great ragtime composers, along with Scott Joplin and Joseph Lamb.

It employed a vertical, rather than lateral cut, groove and could not be played on any other machine. They are in sleeves, malakas ang dating meaning in an album. Are you familiar with any of this information from you own collection history. My objective is to basically find a good home for them so he can rest in peace.

Two of them say unique opera records, lohengrin with wagner underneath. My step father knew exactly what he had, and where he had it committed to memory. Some I am sure are more valuable then others.

It takes an equal amount of effort and luck. Your email will not be published required. Maybe one of you guys or gals can help me narrow this down? Is anyone interested in these old records and how much are they worth, if any? Almost every mention of him in the jazz literature points out that part of his act involved playing three clarinets at once.

Find a copy in the library

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