Caravan toilet hook up, how to use & maintain your pop up camper toilet

Portable toilets are hygenic and, as they require no plumbing, can be placed wherever you need them. Then, replace the drainage cap, and give the cassette a vigorous shake, friend which may break up the blockage. Travel trailers are fitted with three separate water tanks.

We travel with it full as well, but never thought to drain it. Thank you pop up princess and Chris for your informative post. Finding your blog very useful and entertaining.

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  • These toilets are generally made by one of two manufacturers, Thetford or Dometic.
  • Keeping your mouth closed and holding your breath at all times!
  • Once your valve blade and seal are damaged, they may leak or stick.
  • Chemicals similar to those used in portable toilets help break up the waste and eliminate odors.
  • Home Water Caravan Toilets.

How to Use & Maintain Your Pop Up Camper Toilet

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If you have a drain nozzle on the side of the fill spout, unscrew it and let the water drain into a cup. Lady Hayes was one for us. We use this stuff a couple times a year to keep everything running smoothly.

The new Thetford C Cassette Toilet is the ultimate sanitary solution for your caravan or camper. You often hear that caravanning is one of the most environmentally-friendly holidays you can take. The new caravan is now completely ready for this season. At this point, your toilet is ready for use. You will find a selection of chemical toilets and fluids at your local camping retailer.

  1. They, too, are quite simple to fit but do require additional water tank capacity.
  2. Since your pop up camper is only year old, I would definitely contact the manufacturer.
  3. Tanks should be emptied before traveling because full tanks increase the weight of the trailer, decreasing gas mileage.
  4. At the end of the stay just use what hot and cold water you have left to flush through and you have clean pipes.
  5. For an electric porta potti try the Porta Potti The Porta Potti is the most elaborate portable toilet from the Porta Potti family.
  6. They are also an ideal solution for those with a smaller motorhome, campervan or a vehicle where you don't have access to drainage and water systems.

Don't use conventional automotive lubricants, which can damage the plastics and rubber seals. Pop-up camper is only a year old and not used very often. Again when long drain runs are required. Application has been deleted. To use the pop up camper toilet, turn the flush knob several times to fill the bowl with water or open the valve blade, which ever you prefer.

Types of Toilets

This will allow you to empty the tank without splashing. International Customer As you are an international customer, we can't calculate your shipping price automatically. The traditional type is a fluid, which needs water to dilute it. Then we replace everything and return the tank to its place under the cassette toilet.

Caravan toilet hook up A beginner s guide

There are a number of different measurement scales but the principal holds that the coefficient varies according to how rough or smooth the internal surface of the pipe is. Hold the waste tank by the upper handle with one hand. We travel with water in our fresh water tank all the time, so I forgot to mention how to drain it. Grey water is the stuff from the shower and the sink, poly dating seattle usually contaminated with nothing nastier than some dishwater and detergent. You could really just easily pull the tank out and empty it in the sewer cleanout at your site.

Do some work better than others? Excellent article, very helpful. Thetford makes one, especially for the purpose. Got lots of interest on our stays both in the U.


The vacuum is maintained in the system at all times. She did a great job building one using a portable potty from Amazon. It will then slide up and off the tank, norwich speed dating allowing us to get the spout and tank really clean. And always keep it well away from any fresh water point.

How Does a Travel Trailer Toilet Work

Do you think its possible to run an rv dump hose to the Emptying Spout so that it can drain into a full hook up sewer site? Speaking of bears, the National Parks want you to store food and even cosmetics or anything that has a scent someplace other than in your tent. How would you get the cassette tank to empty?


Choose the right Caravan Toilet for your home-from-home

The gray and black water tanks must be emptied every few days. What do you pull your camper s with and does it have a transmission cooler installed? Recommended A state-by-state guide to trailer registration Boats Ahoy! They carry on working in the sewage system.

How to Use & Care For Your Pop Up Camper Cassette Toilet

Hi Dave I think that might be a recent thing. The gray water tank holds water that drains from the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Finally, the shutter valve on the cassette will work much better if you periodically spray it with a silicone lubricant, when the cassette is washed and dried. Highly convenient and mobile, portable toilets offer the same comfort and convenience of a normal domestic toilet and with a fresh water flush too.

These days, of course, things are very different. For ease of use, the Thetford Cassette Toilet surpasses any comparable toilet. Excellent article, thank you Simon. Then see if I can use them before going to France in May.

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Are you looking for a comfortable, practical and durable portable toilet? In fact, many older formulations only damp down or disguise the smell, rather than eliminating it. How to Set up a Travel Trailer at a Campground. It's far better if you wash and check the cassette before your trip.

Hi So glad you find the blog useful. Tried the flexi hose but this is ideal and it will be on my New Years resolution list! Open the access door to the cassette. Come to that, dating 7 years still how does the loo itself work?

Many caravans and motorhomes come with built-in toilets in their washrooms. Trying to prepare as much as possible. Cleaning your pop up camper toilet is actually pretty simple. The frequency depends on the number of people using the toilet.

Have to say Simon, I love readin caravan blog posts but this is up there owith one of the most useful ones ive seen around. Luxury domestic loo paper, such as Thetford's Aqua Soft loo roll, is simply too bulky, clogging and absorbent to work well in caravan loos and septic tanks. You are my new super hero! Caravan Plumbing Guide From toilets to water tanks, motorhome and caravan plumbing has become more sophisticated over the years.

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