Dating a schizophrenic guy, welcome to reddit

Dating a schizophrenic guy

Hold on to him if he is as wonderful as you made him seem. Generally, speed dating mobile al for most people it does get better. Many people with schizophrenia can have very fulfilling lives.

Dating someone with Schizophrenia - Schizophrenia - MedHelp

Dating with schizophrenia well. Dating someone with Schizophrenia? She also understood after dating me for a few months what I was actually like. If she did not already care about me, I do not know if she would have been so strong in telling her sister that she was wrong about schizophrenics.

Myself, I still hallucinated somewhat when taking proper medicine, but it wasn't anywhere near as intense of frequent as before. You will have to identify both his and your limits. Right now I'm maxed out on Latuda, so I'm hoping that I don't need a tweak of medication for a long time. It was only then that I told her I had schizophrenia. But I do think he's in especially a hard situation.

Schizophrenia And Relationships

Some people have only one psychotic episode while others have many episodes during a lifetime but lead relatively normal lives between episodes. We broke up because he was medicating his schizophrenia with alcohol. Do people ever get better from sz? It might include trying to reach out and get him some help or even get him to a hospital. So, be prepared to be the one that does most of the planning.

He hears babble like he's overhearing a conversation of engineers planning to build something. Some of the most sensitive and thoughtful people that I have met have had schizophrenia. However, theatre dating website I don't know if I'm setting my expectations too high.

Dating a schizophrenic guy
Dating a schizophrenic guy

Dating someone with Schizophrenia

15 things to know before dating someone with schizophrenia
Dating a schizophrenic guy

But, coming out as schizophrenic is something that I don't need to share upfront. Is there a shorter life expectancy for schizophrenics? Some side effects can become permanent, like tardive dyskinesia. Set up a support system for yourself as well. That is my personal nightmare.

But I also can't imagine living like this forever. Downvoting is for relevance, not disagreement. Imagine that the guy or woman you meet on your first date is your best friend. She even comes to therapy with me and we learn together. If he's on a mood stabilizer like Lamictal, when doses go up, he'll be emotionless for at least a month.

Is that something that is linked with sz? If they care about you, they will look past the schizophrenia and be understanding. Self medicating is a very bad idea. Here is a blog about a women with schizophrenia. My partner wants me to get back to work as well.

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My boyfriend just flipped out on me while I was at work about his anxiety and I'm feeling pretty down about it. Physical health is hard to say. How is a normal person of the population supposed to react when you tell them you have schizophrenia?

  1. There's always the risk he could relapse but I would say he is doing well for himself if he works a good job and has stayed out of the hospital for two years.
  2. Not everyone has unpleasant auditory hallucinations though.
  3. It is good that he is very motivated as well, schizophrenia can destroy your motivation entirely although he could of not even experienced this symptom to begin with as well.

Since you are experiencing the benefit of their companionship, give them your compassion, without the benefit of a doubt. Treat him like a normal person that you want to have open up to you by doing normal things like opening up more to him. They do however affect my memory and that arguably gets worse with time, but it's hard to say if that's because of hte disease or the medicine. If it is working now it will likely continue working. Until then, what is I am just another person.

My memory and other cognitive abilities were slipping before I ever took medicine, free local dating sex so I can at least say that it's not purely from the meds. Im just scared to get into it with this guy then he turn out to be a complete abusive psycho. How can I help him if I notice he's getting worse? It is good that you are educating yourself on it as much as you can. It won't be good for either of you.

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If he starts acting weird ask him if everything is ok. So I really want to get to work too. At that point, he feels like he has to reveal his mental illness.

As a person with schizoaffective disorder I can say recovery is possible but people need help and support and do have set backs from time to time. If that ever happens he hopefully allows me to be his friend because he didn't want that the first time around. You may also need more emotional support then he is able to give. Things can be overwhelming, but it swings between ok and bad.

When it becomes their business to know. It does not follow subreddit rules and is not moderated by this subreddit, nor is it integrated in the discussions here. Does Schizophrenia get worse with age? They are bottom of the pile when it comes to health care. It will come on slowly, so compare him month to month.

The medication can affect physical health and reduce life expectancy. Yes, but realize that at times you will take the role of care-taker. It promises to help give coping mechanisms for when cognitive abilities decline, and maybe even help get some abilities back.

Dating a schizophrenic guy

15 things to know before dating someone with schizophrenia

Dating a schizophrenic guy

Dating with schizophrenia schizophrenia

Dating a schizophrenic guy
  • The most important thing is finding the right cocktail and dosage.
  • Thank you very much for your detailed responses.
  • As others have mentioned weight gain from the medication is a common thing and sense many do not like to leave the house exercise may be hard to come by.
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