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You might think its biased but in fact its not. If you feel that something is wrong, stop paying money for this shit. Only been playing about two weeks, mingle two dating and I know all about the difference in armour etc.

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If the said player really fits your description he is one of a few players that I would be willing to accept. All is under control of money maker logic. The map features sunken warships, hot springs, a sunken aircraft carrier, online dating no and frozen ridges. The balance remains the same all the way through.

Hidden Village is a recent addition to World of Tanks and although it is new it is very easy to pick up and play. Steppes has been a staple map in World of Tanks since the early days of the game. Originally added to World of Tanks in as a Chinese server exclusive. The game is rigged to make stupid people look bad at tanks.

But i have to agree that this game is somehow rigged because of the strange bounces and misses or no dmg hits when you had a win streak. Its all good because in about a month War Thunder brings out its ground vehicles - which will make WoT look like a steaming pile of elephant shit. Btw just google wot and bot problem and you will see how bad is the situation, and they have no intention at all to fix anything. That they already agreed upon which team wins and which team loses.

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Maybe the best way to implement skill based matchmaking is to put players into leagues. Easy Fix for Unfair Matchmaking! The marder was voted on the forum for tank must likely to solo an enemy team so it is indeed the best choice for this experiment but you are still wrong imo. The outer areas no undoubtedly play a vital part in each match. Usually the outside flanks decide the battle since the majority of the brawling happens there early.

The map is largely separated into two main flanks where the bulk of tanks will go in standard battles. Last Anonymous is just Bad tanks. There is definitely some sort of team unbalance mechanic in matchmaking.

  1. If not its just a matter of time before everyone is on to you.
  2. In other words if you're winning a lot with a particular tank then that tank's in game stats armor, penetration, etc.
  3. Remaining mostly unchanged throughout its tenure in World of Tanks it is deceptively difficult to play.
  4. There are no preloaded calculations.

You set enemies on fire, crits, etc. In this case, you can get a two-level or single-level battle. But I've experienced something unusual in WoT. Tanks vanish in the wide open in front of your eyes?

It's about map tactics and critical decisions in certain situations a battle makes you face. Is just a pitty since the game could have been really fun. They just want your moneys first. Different tanks have different roles on the battlefield.

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  • This match was freaking terrible.
  • The ultimate proof would be to start buying gold ammo and play with top tier tanks showing that the same results are reachable if they can't nerf you to the level of average players.
  • And the matches were weird too.
  • Are they all just making this crap up?
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How It Works The improved matchmaker builds two teams with several key criteria in mind. This ego stroking generally keeps people happy and spending money. Windstorm can be a difficult map for players setting tracks on it for the first time and even for veterans since it is a very complex map with many different potential routes.

And there is then possibility to make clans for certain level of players if needed. Everyone gets a chance to become a hero, to prove their worth playing against people with different battle histories. You have to have games like this in my opinion. Unlike other maps Karelia avoids becoming stale since both main flanks can be played either offensively or defensively.

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As others have noted, bad this is not a lack of skill issue. An example was a game I had where my tank got destroyed early so I spectated the game. Also use your common sense. This game is nothing else but Russian Communism.

When you arrive at the point at which you face more potent enemies your personal rating will not rise as fast as before. Ranked battles is a new mode - some changes can be made after researches. Stop effing with a good thing!

Since feelings usually are misleading I went and check the stats on my accounts and indeed they looked like something was rigged. At least something useful will be done with these values. Paris features a layout reminiscent of Ruinberg with its urban layout but is more dynamic with more flanking options. Invisible tanks, shells bounching, missing not penetrating.

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This is just software that emulates a game and has nothing to do with skill, I am a pretty good player and pay attention to all kinds of things but my win rate never changes or improves. If everything is balanced I should be around min! Did you try doing this in less powered vehicle?

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The other team is usually made up of scrubs. Some days I win almost every match. Damage is calculated at the same moment when shell penetrates.

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